Are you a busy woman trying to take care of everyone, with no time for yourself and feeling ready for a change?

Life gets busy and it is so easy to ignore what our bodies are trying to tell us! I work with busy women who want to re-discover their ideal bodies, eat healthy, find fulfillment and feel more energized, while honouring their deepest needs. If you are tired of your personal emotional roller-coaster and feel ready to look at weight loss in a new way, let me show you how to do so with balance and joy! 

Take the 'BUSY WOMAN TEST' so I can help you assess your needs and offer practical and achievable solutions. 

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90-Day S.H.E. System Transformation 

This transformational program is perfect for you if you are a busy woman who wants to rediscover your ideal body (and heart!), re-set your taste buds AND revamp your mindset! Juliana will help you navigate these challenging times in this life-changing live group program

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If you are local (Waterloo Region, Ontario), Juliana offers in-office consultations to get you started. After your initial visit, she will help you explore what the best path is for you, should it be one of her programs, energy healing sessions or natural nutrition protocols. 

Hi, I am Juliana!

Juliana is an activator of people's hearts so they can let their light shine. She is a passionate nutritionist and energy healing practitioner and ready to help you feel amazing again. Her health struggles have taught her a great deal, and her open-minded approach is her key to success.


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